Periyar International was founded on November 13,1994 in Chicago, Illinois. It was inaugurated by late Hon. Chandrajit Yadav, former Minister of the Central Government and President of the Centre for Social Justice, New Delhi, in the presence of Dr. K.Veeramani, the president of Dravidar Kazagam (D.K.)

The main purpose of this organization is to propagate the humanistic ideas of Periyar E.V.Ramasamy to the world.

Periyar International was originally founded in Chicago with the following three directors.

Dr. Soma. Ilangovan
Mr. V.J.Babu
Dr. Thembavani Gopalakrishnan

Country specific Chapters of Periyar International can be formed in any country according to the rules and regulations of that particular country either as a Trust or an Organization with the consent of the President of the Dravidar Kazagam,Tamilnadu and Dr. S. Illangovan, Chicago, the operational director of the Periyar International.

awardee-image K Veeramani Award For Social Justice

Want to start a Periyar International Chapter in your Region?
Write to us at: info@periyarinternational.com