Country specific Chapters of Periyar International can be formed in any country according to the rules and regulations of that particular country either as a Trust or an Organization with the consent of the President of the Dravidar Kazagam,Tamilnadu and Dr. S. Illangovan, Chicago, the operational director of the Periyar International.

Activities of the U.S. chapter

  • Annual Periyar Birthday celebration.
  • Discussion on humanism with visiting guests from India and other countries.
  • Visit to Center for Inquiry head quarters at Amherst, New York to meet with Prof.Paul Kurtz and his staff. The team was led by Dr. K. Veeramani.
  • Sale of Periyar Books, and CDs at the annual FeTNA conferences and local functions.

The Washington D.C. chapter of Periyar International has been formed and is conducting activities like Periyar Birthdays. The other international chapters are in Singapore and France and these chapters follow the rules and regulations of their respective countries.

Others are welcome to form their own organizations according to the rules and regulations of their own country.

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