YouTube Contest


Deadline: Sunday, September 10, 2019! Submission guidelines are below. Create a video clip which would excite & inspire viewers, via humor and/or reasoning, on the following facets of humanism:

  • Day to Day Self Respect

  • Day to Day Rational Thinking

  • Humanism in Children (young minds become good citizens)

  • Dispelling the myth of Astrology

  • Humanism and Women’s Rights

  • Humanist answers to Native, Black, Mexican Americans & any underprivileged communities

  • Humanism in Education & Education free from Indoctrination

  • Humanism and Health & Wealth

The purpose of this contest is to promote the principles of humanism in day to day life, to communities of students, teachers and counselors.

Video Details

Format: Streaming video published on YouTube that complies with fair use of copyrighted materials guidelines.

Length: 2 minutes minimum; 5 minutes maximum

Judging Levels:
Level I) Grades 5 & below
Level II) Grades 6-12
Level III) College & adult

Levels I & II - $300 for the 1st winner, $200 for the 2nd winner & $100 for the3rd winner
Level III - $500 for the 1st winner, $300 for the 2nd winner & $200 for the3rd winner

Submission Details

To Submit:

  1. Mark your YouTube video private

  2. Set its access to the Gmail ID:

  3. Email the video link to

Deadline: Sunday, Sep. 10, 2019


  1. All submitting entries will be judged by the PI / AHA Committee. The decision of Judges is Full & Final.

  2. Winners will be notified by Sep 15, 2019. Winning entries will be telecast during the conference & awarded on the stage.

  3. All rights for the winning entries will be owned by PI / AHA.

  4. Content is recommended in English or include English subtitles if using other languages. It must meet fair use of copyrighted material guidelines (including background music/songs) endorsed by YouTube or the original author/composer.

  5. Exercise due caution & safety if you plan to make the video outdoors & be watchful of your surroundings.

Guidelines on Humanist Principles

Amsterdam Declaration

  1. Humanism is ethical. It affirms the dignity of the individual and the right to freedom compatible with the rights of others.

  2. Humanism is rational. It believes that solutions to world’s problems lie in our thought and action rather than divine intervention.

  3. Humanism advocates science and free inquiry to solve the problems of human welfare.

  4. Humanism supports democracy and human rights.

  5. Humanism insists that personal liberty must be combined with social responsibility.

  6. Humanism is an alternative to dogmatic religion. Humanism is undogmatic, and committed to education free from indoctrination.

  7. Humanism values artistic creativity and imagination and recognizes the transforming power of art.

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