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Self Respect-Basic Human Trait

Self - Respect is the basic trait of every human. Throughout the world, many people as community have been kept in dark without the awareness of the unique trait - self respect. The exploiting classes in one form or the other deny self respect both in social aspect and on economic well being of the toiling masses. To sustain ignorance of people about self respect, religion is invariably used as a weapon. The subjugated people had been unable to realize the oppression of self respect because of the faith without reasoning they possess and meek submission to religion and its practices.

Social Discrimination & Denial

In one part of the globe, humans had been discriminated based on the basis of birth; religious texts were created to enforce such discrimination in the name of god and were made acceptable as divine dispensation. The discrimination inflicted on major section of the population denied education and employment other than the traditional family profession, keeping them subservient to the ruling class.Many thinkers have spoken about the social slavery of men by men; a few came forward to fight against it. But little efforts have been made in a sporadic way.

Periyar-Unique Revolutionary

In 1925, the social revolutionary Periyar E.V.Ramasamy (1879-1973) founded an exclusive Mass Movement viz. Self-Respect Movement to eradicate this social evil. During the past one century, the strenuous efforts and social toiling contributed by Periyar E.V.R. have yielded fruitful results, with the breaking of social discrimination prevalent in the society for centuries. The social, economic and political scenario of Tamil Nadu, an integral part of the Republic of India witnessed sea change, the effect of which also got reflected at the national level.

The unique contributions of Self Respect Movement, founded by Periyar E.V.R. were recognized by the Government of India by releasing the commemorative postal stamp on his 100th Birthday (1979) with the following citation:

E.V.Ramasami, or E.V.R. as he was popularly known, was born on September 17, 1879 at Erode in Tamil Nadu. He left school at the age of ten and joined his father in business when he was twelve. The patriotic fervour of Ramasami led him to give up his lucrative business and join the Indian National Congress in its struggle for freedom. He became an ardent fighter and came to be closely associated with Rajaji. Ramasami courted imprisonment several times during the freedom movement. The satyagraha (non-violent agitation) he launched at Vaikom in Kerala against the despicable practice of barring entry of people of certain castes into the streets where people of other castes lived was a success and he earned the title 'Vaikkom Hero'. He left the Congress in 1925 and carried on a crusade against the caste-system and advocated (liquor) prohibition. E.V.R. strove for the emancipation of the exploited masses and weaker sections of society.

In 1925 he founded the Self-Respect Movement

In 1925 he founded the Self-Respect Movement, a socio-political organisation of which he was the President. He started a weekly, "Kudi Arasu" (Republic) and later a daily, "Viduthalai" (Freedom) to propagate the principles of his movement. In particular, Ramasami preached inter caste marriages and re-marriage of widows. It was his firm conviction that orthodoxy, superstition, social discrimination and may other evils which persisted in the society should go. He waged a relentless battle against these till the very end of his life. In 1938 E.V.R. was elected President of the Justice Party. He started a movement in the cause of Tamil during this period. At the famous Salem Conference in 1944 he and his lieutenant the late C.N. Annadurai (later Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu) converted the Justice Party into a new organisation called "Dravidar Kazhagam." An ardent fighter, an avowed revolutionary and a hard-headed rationalist E.V.R. was simple and humane. He passed away on December 24, 1973 when he was 94.

UNESCO (The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation), a functional wing of United Nations Organisation (UNO) has recognised the noble task of Periyar and honoured him with the citation, during his lifetime itself.

The Prophet of the new age;
The Socrates of South East Asia;
Father of the Social Reform Movement;
And enemy of ignorance, superstitions,
meaningless customs and base manners.
Self Respect and Rationalism are the integral traits of every human and his / her effectiveness and happiness are realized in their awareness and actualization

Historic 90 Year

The historic as well as revolutionary Self-Respect Movement has completed 90 years. Self-Respect is being suppressed by the discriminative and exploiting sect, in varied degrees with different levels of awareness and knowledge of the toiling masses throughout the world. Confluence of Humanists at Germany will provide a platform to deliberate on the level of awareness and effectiveness of commanding self respect by the population of the respective countries. The outcome of the deliberations at the international conference will facilitate the effectiveness of every human through the ways and means of carving out for the establishment of egalitarian society. All is meant for all. All resources have to be equitably shared by all. Actualization of Self-Respect by every human will make the humanity in oneness. Humanism will flourish among humans.

Doctrine of Self - Respect Movement

The philosophy of Self - Respect Movement is known to the world. The cause and effect theory is accepted by the wise world. The human being seeks the reasons for everything. It has begun to conduct research of nature. A life with ignorance is considered as a slave's life. This is the doctrine of Self - Respect Movement.


First International Self Respect Conference
Awareness, created of 90 year struggle for liberating the socially enslaved masses centuries
Rationalist, Atheists, Secular Humanists, Free Thinkers and Skeptics from various countries come together
Academicians, Litterateur, Scholars and Intellectuals of reputed universities presents papers and deliberate
" Let us come together and closer by participating in the conference!
Let the torch of Self-Respect be upheld by every human! "

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